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LuaCraft, where Lua and Minecraft meet eachother

Enjoy awesome new modification features and use Lua to extend and script Minecraft

What can you do with LuaCraft?

Check out these code samples, they should give you a pretty good idea of what is possible.

function entityFall(ent, distance)
    if (IsPlayer(ent)) then
        return true
hook.Add("entity.fall", "Fall!", entityFall)

function entityJump(ent)
    local jumpVec = Vector(0, 0, 1.5)
    if (IsPlayer(ent)) then
hook.Add("entity.jump", "Jump!", entityJump)
local vec1 = Vector(-190, 315, 72)
local vec2 = vec1 + Vector(0, 0, 1.2)

local ang1 = Angle(0, 160, 0)

local lightGrey = Color(200, 200, 200, 255)
local lightBlue = Color(50, 50, 230, 255)

function gameRender(renderTime)
    render.DrawText("LuaCraft!", vec2, ang1, 1.25, true)
    render.DrawText("Forge modding with Lua", vec3, ang1, 0.5)
hook.Add("", "3D Render", gameRender)

Forge compatible

Fully compatible with Minecraft Forge and works with your favourite existing modifications, rolling updates to the latest stable Forge version.


JNLua integrates Lua into Java based on the original implementation of Lua which is written in ANSI C. The Lua C code is integrated into Java using the Java Native API.

Client/Server streaming

One of LuaCraft's leading features is the abilty to let you connect to any server with LuaCraft scripts and content, and it will automagically download them to your client and set things up.

Download LuaCraft and join the fun!



The stable version is recommended for all general public who want to install, use and join servers with LuaCraft.



The latest version is for people who want to test new features or scripts before they are released and stable. You may experience problems with this version.

Jump into scripting!

LuaCraft has a well documented API available to view on our Wiki at this time, a more comprehensive autogenerated JavaDoc system will be up shortly!

Want to give us a hand?

LuaCraft is open-source and always interested in new developers willing to help us out or maybe you'd be interested in just building from source, either way please take a look at our repo below and contact us if you wish.

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